Echo in the Park

Echo-in-the-Park is a program initially rolled out in the summer of 2014.  Sponsored and hosted by Echo Church, it is a non-evangelistic effort to simply bless and know our neighbors.  The hope is that the event will not only provide a relaxing, fun way to know our neighbors, but for them to know each other as well!

Every Sunday evening at 6:30pm, for six consecutive weeks, we provide free food, activities, and sometimes entertainment.  The event usually lasts for roughly two hours.

The venue is a neighborhood common area, a triangle-shaped space with playground and open field, known as Boyd Park.  It is located at the intersection of Washburn St. and Ernest Ave.


We need volunteers to help with a number of things:  food prep, set-up, and bouncy-house monitoring are the main jobs.  The sign-up sheet for the bounce house is on site, at the park.

To help with FOOD please sign up HERE!

To help with SET-UP please sign up HERE!