echo kids

At Echo Church, we dream of a ministry that provides powerful support to families, a fun & effective environment for kids to know God, know other adult champions, and eventually know themselves.

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We dream of a safe context that includes vibrant worship, encouragement to serve, and an extraordinary kindness to kids who struggle to belong.

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We dream of a team of volunteers - champions of children who are well-trained, excited, and fully grasp the enormity of the ministry.

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We dream of a church that prioritizes the development of youth, and creates the well-oiled machinery of curriculum, teacher development, safety/security, and member involvement.

family + kingdom

We believe no one has more influence than the parents.

We believe the parents are not the only influence a child needs.

We believe that the family is far more influential in the positive development of children when partnered with the key influencers of God's Kingdom:

Faith, Church, Scripture, Mentors, and the Love of a Triune God.

safety + security

Your child's safety is one of our biggest concerns at EchoKids. Because of that, we have a secure check-in system in place to ensure your child is only picked up by the adult(s) who dropped them off. When you walk up the Student Room at the City Life Community Center, where Echo Church meets, we ask you to stop at the labeled EchoKids check-in station. A volunteer will give your child a wristband, while the parent/guardian signs the child in. 

Once the service is over, the parent who signed the child in must go to the kids' room at the back of the meeting space to then sign their child out. 

All allergies are noted so snack time during the children's class is safe for your child and any food allergies they might have.

volunteer with echokids

We provide several avenues for serving with EchoKids so that anyone can find where their skills & talents can lend themselves to the ministry! We also know not everyone can give all of their time, so we've defined the level of commitment required for each role for your convenience.

Low Level Commitment Roles

These roles require little to no contact with the kids. It takes a small amount of time & energy to complete. Great for those who are already committed to other volunteer roles on a Sunday morning and also those who aren't comfortable interacting with kids.

  • Audio/Visual Setup and/or Breakdown: Setting up the designated children's laptop to the TV in the kids' classroom prior to class as well as breaking it down again after class is over.
  • Classroom Setup and/or Breakdown: Setting up the kids' tables & chairs prior to class starting, as well as breaking those down and putting them away afterward class is over.
  • Snacks: Providing a snack for the kids to eat during class time.

Medium Level Commitment Roles

The following roles include those that include interaction with kids and/or requires a little more involvement, time-wise. Ideal for middle & high school students, those who like meeting & greeting people, and the creative types!

  • Check-In: Registering new kids and checking in all kids as they come in to the Sunday morning service. 
  • Teen Helper: Middle & high school students who help the teacher & assistant during class time, while having fun and building relationships with the kids.
  • Curriculum Writing & Creating: Meeting with our curriculum team outside of the Sunday kids' class to come up with new material to teach each week, and flex creative muscles with making up activities, games, etc.

High Level Commitment Roles

These are roles that require actual hands-on activities  & interactions with the kids in the classroom. They require prep time within the previous week of class in order to do their job well. These roles would be great for those who love to lead, anyone with teaching experience, as well as someone who just love being around kids. Relationship building with the kids is a must in the following roles.

  • Assistant: Adult who assists the teacher in the classroom with activities & building meaningful relationship with the kids.
  • Lead Teacher: Teaches the lesson and leads activities in the kids' classroom.
  • Substitute: Willingness to be on-call for anyone who isn't able to be there in any position pertaining to kids on a Sunday morning.


Contact our Children's Ministry Director, Peggy Stewart!