The Latin word for "voice".

As Echo Church continues to partner with Missoula Youth for Christ, we work hard to develop the unique God-shaped voice of each person.  Kids are bombarded by a multitude of voices, all competing for their attention and worship.  We hope to narrow the focus, to drown out the noise, and to help kids listen to the echo of the One true voice.

Below you will find information regarding our youth ministry.  We do a TON of stuff, so buckle up...

IMPACT Roadtrip

Middle School IMPACT:  June 11-20

High School IMPACT:  June 18-29

This summer... more than 2,600 teens from all over the country will converge on the Lipscomb University campus to enjoy the high-spirited combination of fun games, skits, dramatized spoofs, Bible study and worship that is Impact, an annual spiritually-focused summer camp. 

For the past several years, the youth at Echo Church & YFC have travelled via 15-passenger vans, across the country to Nashville, TN, and back! Along the way we visit other churches, connect with interesting people, explore National Parks, play in sand dunes, paddle kayaks through slot canyons, and take lots of pictures with 15-foot gophers, T-Rex skeletons, and giant mirrored beans. We’ve seen incredible sunsets, sunrises, and breath-taking starry nights.