Apostello Workcamp

The Apostello Workcamp exists to provide an opportunity to make an impact on our community - not as some religious bait-and-switch, but as an

unconditional act of service and love.  

The word “apostello” occurs in 133 times in the New Testament. It is an intensification of the word “stello,” to send, with a strong focus on the One doing the sending - commonly used to connect Jesus Christ with the believers He would commission.  Although we no longer have Apostles, in the sense of those the Resurrected Lord sent out - we still carry the weight of being sent.  Jesus “sent His disciples out to proclaim the Kingdom.”

But how?

In what ways can we pull away from a Sunday-centered faith, to a tangible, messy, risky faith that places us on the ground the other six days of the week?

Through service.

We arm teenagers with paintbrushes and a heart to serve

and unleash them on a community that is desperate for help.

Apostello Workcamp is a week-long event where youth paint homes, landscape yards, and do various community service projects.  We work closely with the Missoula non-profit organizations, Imagine Missoula, and Missoula Aging Services.  A typical day starts with a centered time of prayer, a brief overview of the day, the equipping of each work team (6-8 kids/leaders), followed by 6-7 hours of work in the field.  After an afternoon clean-up and rest, the teams come together for a fun evening excursion and dinner.  Each night ends with a debrief, worship, and a message from God's Word.

Meet our director

Adam Skrok comes to Echo Church with a strong passion for leading youth, as well as a deep desire to see justice in our communities.  He is currently the Ministry Director (co-directing with Jazmyn Maire) for Campus Life High School at Missoula Youth For Christ.  Adam graduated from the University of Montana with a marketing degree. 


Cost:  $80  

(covers all food, lodging, local transportation, excursion expenses, etc)

Travel Dates:  Arrive Saturday, June 9; Depart Saturday, June 16

Check-in:  Sunday, June 10; 4-5pm at City Life Community Center (1515 Fairview Ave.)

Work Dates:  Monday, June 11 - Thursday, June 14

Overnight Lodging & Basecamp:  Valley Christian School

Excursion (the Montana Experience!):  Friday, June 15

A Christian Experience:  This is a nondenominational project, but with a strong focus on worship, prayer, and a continual devotion to God’s mission.  The workcamp is open to all people, regardless of faith affiliation (if any).  All are welcome!